Learn Meditation

September 16, 2008

Meditation is a method of bringing peace and harmony into the hectic and confused lives of people. It is an effort to make life better by ensuring physical and mental well being. However, meditation bestows the best results when it is carried out voluntarily and is not a forced effort. It is possible to learn meditation from accomplished teachers, guides or even through books or audiovisual aids. It helps to have an open mind towards learning the techniques and the fundamentals of meditation.

In the book of Tantra, there are one hundred and twelve techniques mentioned that can be used to practice meditation. It is not necessary to be proficient in all or most of the techniques to gain the benefits of meditation. Meditators can choose the technique that they are most comfortable with and start practicing meditation immediately. A skillful teacher or guide becomes instrumental in helping the meditators, especially those who are beginners, to choose a suitable form of meditation according to their temperament and lifestyle. The chosen teacher or master then puts the meditators on the path of self-realization. The master guides the disciples and provides support to them whenever they find it difficult to stay on the path of meditation.

Meditators can choose from various popular as well as obscure methods of meditation, such as walking meditation or the more complex Kabbalah meditation. It is maintained by meditation experts that all paths lead to the same result that is attunement into the Self or enlightenment. It is advisable to choose a suitable type of meditation and then continue it for a considerable period of time to obtain any benefits. Meditation does not give instantaneous results because it is a gradual process. Meditators can see positive changes only after diligent and regular practice of the chosen techniques.

Initially, meditators may require putting aside a certain amount of time to practice meditation. However, after learning the techniques, meditators can incorporate the concept of meditation into all the actions of their daily lives.

By Eddie Tobey


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